MenEngage Europe Steering Committee: Terms of Reference

The Steering Committee is the primary and decision-making body of MenEngage Europe network and provides strategic and political leadership of the network. The Steering Committee has the following tasks:

  • Steer the overall functioning and governance, including decision making, of and for the regional network, in alignment to its strategic plan and vision;
  • Support to the regional secretariat and co-coordinators in monitoring the implementation of the network’s strategic plan;
  • Take on and represent the political leadership of the field, on behalf of MEE, in the region and beyond, in public, stakeholders, and allies or delegate representation to a member;
  • Support and develop, as relevant, policies and activities (including meetings) for the regional network and meet regularly (in person or via video calls) to fulfil this obligation;
  • Discuss and endorse, amend, or reject proposed public (media) statements in the name of MEE related to events, incidences in Europe or elsewhere in the field of gender (in)justices, abuses, discrimination, conflict, etc. related to the objectives of MenEngage Alliance;
  • Support and contribute fund raising and resources mobilization to cover the expenses and resources to support the network’s implement joint campaigns, projects, events, organizational development, evaluation, reporting, or other areas deemed appropriate by the Steering Committee;
  • Support co-coordinators and regional secretariat to adhere to the funding obligations, including ensuring there are processes for evaluating and reporting results to donors and members;
  • Ensure any funds are managed responsibly and transparently, and financial records are kept up to date and reported to members and donors;
  • Declare any potential conflicts of interest;
  • Act to the best of their abilities and available time and energy in the interests of the network; and
  • Maintain the independence of the network from influences or power dynamics (such as donors) that could compromise the Core Principles of the network.
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