New XY website launched – Profeminist resource on men, masculinities

Dear friends and colleagues, I am thrilled to launch the new XY website. As you may know, XY represents one of the most substantial resources on men, masculinities, and gender on the internet. XY is comprehensive, cutting-edge, and global. You can find the site at the same address as before,

We have rebuilt the site from the ground up. And weve made a series of changes. We have:

  • Added a whole lot of new content, including articles, resource guides and manuals, and images;
  • Added a blog – and we plan to build a pool of regular and guest bloggers;
  • Made it possible to view XYs content by date, author, and category; and
  • Added new categories for content, including Working with Men and Boys, Resources, and Mens and Fathers Rights.

All this has been built on a new system of content management (using Drupal), making it much easier for us to regularly update and revise the site. Thank you to my friend David Houlder for his great work on the site. Youre a star.

I hope that you will support and contribute to XY:

  • Send in your writing, reports, guides, and images
  • Become a regular or guest blogger
  • Add a link to XY on your own site or blog
  • Spread the word
  • Make a donation
  • Volunteer to help

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Michael Flood
Research Leader
Violence Against Women Program
VicHealth & La Trobe University Partnership

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