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  • Reflecting on A New World of gender with a New Kind of Patriarchy

    From our Swedish partners at Men for Gender Equality:   Professor Raewyn Connell were one of the guests of the big feministic meeting Nordic Forum in Malmö.  Men for Gender Equality had the honour to be her host. We interviewed her about global challenges, men and equality. What do you talk about at the forum?  – I will be speaking at the

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  • I’m Mad as Hell at Conventional Manhood

    By Rob Okun

    There are too many damn tragic anniversaries of men killing women. Pick any month and you’ll find them. Take December 6th— it was the 23rd anniversary of the Montréal Massacre. A man stormed into the city’s École Polytechniqueon that date in 1989 and murdered 14 women and wounded 10 others. The mass-murderer who then killed himself, was Marc Lépine, 25—same age as Jovan Belcher, the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker who murdered his girlfriend and himself December 1st.

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  • OP-ED: In the War to Protect Masculinity, Hamas and Israel Make Strange Bedfellows

    By Rob Okun “A man’s got to do, what a man’s got to do. And a country’s got to do what a country’s got to do.”                                                               —Israeli Prime Minister

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