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Monday, March 30

Opening Session and Welcome / Sessão de Abertura e Boas vindas / Sesión de Apertura y Bienvenida(N.B. 140 Mb)

Marcos Nascimento – Promundo and MenEngage
Gary Barker – ICRW and MenEngage
Benedito Medrado – Instituto Papai
Eva Njordfeld – Save the Children-Sweden
Alanna Armitage – UNFPA
Todd Minerson – White Ribbon Campaign

Key Note Speaker / Sesion Magistral / Apresentação Plenária
Ministra Nilcéa Freire – Secretaria Especial de Políticas para as Mulheres, Brazil

Opening Remarks / Sessão de Abertura / Sesión de Apertura:
Paul Hunt – Canadian Ambassador – Brazil
Peju Olukoya – Department of Gender, Women and Health – WHO – Geneva
Kim Bolduc – UN Resident Coordinator for Brazil
Purnima Mane – Deputy Executive Director – UNFPA
Michel Sidibé – Executive Director – UNAIDS
Inés Alberdi – Executive Director – UNIFEM
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – United Nations

Tuesday, March 31

Plenary Session / Plenária / Plenaria

Dialogue with Women’s Rights Movements / Diálogo com Movimentos dos Direitos das Mulheres / Diálogo con Movimientos de los Derechos de las Mujeres (SOON)

Moderator: Michael Kimmel – State University of New York – USA
Judith Bruce – Population Council – USA
Margareth Arilha – CCR – Brazil

Plenary Session / Plenária / Plenária

Including Men and Masculinities in Gender Equality Policies / Incluindo Homens e Masculinidades em Políticas de Igualdade de Gênero / Incluyendo Hombres y Masculinidades en Políticas de Igualdad de Género

Moderator: Gary Barker – ICRW – USA

Annikenn Huitfeldt – Minister of Gender Equality and Children – Norway
Baldur Schubert – Ministério da Saúde – Brazil
Primeiro Simpósio Global Engajamento Homens e Meninos na Promoção da Igualdade de Gêneroalt

Miguel Lorente – Special Delegate on Violence against Women – Spain
Engaging Men in Public Policies for Gender Equality alt

Plenary Session / Plenária / Plenária

Men, Masculinities and Gender-Based Violence / Homens, Masculinidades e Violência de Gênero / Hombres, Masculinidades y Violencia de Gênero (SOON)

Moderator: James Lang – Partners for Prevention
Ines Alberdi – Executive Director – UNIFEM
Jackson Katz – Mentors in Violence Prevention – Northeastern University – USA

Session 1 – Sessão 1 – Sesión 1:

Engaging Men to Prevent Violence against Women and Girls / Involucrando a los Hombres en la Prevención de la Violencia contra las Mujeres / Engajando Homens na Prevenção da Violência contra as Mulheres

Moderator: Maria Jose Alcala – UNIFEM
Global Context & Opportunities alt

Douglas Mendoza – Puntos de Encuentro – Nicaragua
Involucrando a los hombres en la prevención de la violencia hacia Mujeres alt

Rachel Jewkes – Medical Research Council – South Africa
Perpetration of rape and partner violence: intersections with HIV in South Africa alt

Ulf Rikter-Svendsen – Reform – Norway
Policies on men and violence against women in Norway alt

Session 2 – Sessão 2 – Sesión 2:

Homophobia and Discrimination / Homofobia e discriminação / Homofobia y discriminación

Moderator: Pedro Chequer – Representative – UNAIDS – Brazil

Jose Angel Aguilar – DemySex – Mexico
“La homosexualidad no es el problema la homofobia sí” – Campaña en medios para visibilizar el problema de la homofobia y la discriminaciónalt

Sergio Carrara – CLAM/IMS/UERJ – Brazil
Homofobia & Discriminaçãonalt

Shiv Khan – Naz Foundation – India
Gendering the phobia: Male-male sexualities, stigma, discrimination and violence in South Asiaalt

Session 3 – Sessão 3 – Sesión 3:

Men and Sexual and Reproductive Health / Homens e Saúde Sexual e Reprodutiva / Hombres y Salud Sexual y Reproductiva

Moderator: Aminata Toure – UNFPA
John Townsend – Population Council – USA
Pursuit of Sexual and Reproductive Health: Human Development, Gender Equality and Roles of Men and Boys alt

Manisha Mehta – EngenderHealth – USA
Integrating Male Engagement into SRH Programming alt

Modibo Maiga – Health Policy Initiative – Mali
Public Policies in promoting men’s involvement in sexual and reproductive health in Mali alt

Session 4 – Sessão 4 – Sesión 4:

Men, Masculinities and the “Other” Health Issues: Mental Health, Substance Use and Health-
Seeking Behavior / Homens, Masculinidades e “Outros” Assuntos de Saúde: saúde mental, uso de substâncias e comportamento de busca por bem-estar / Hombres, Masculinidades y “Otros” Temas de Salud: salud mental, uso de substancias y comportamiento de búsqueda del bienestar

Moderator: Benno de Keijzer – Salud y Género – Mexico

Bruce Armstrong – Columbia University – USA
The Young Men’s Health Initiative in New York City: Inviting Men to the Healthcare Table alt

Carmen Fernández – Centros de Integración Juvenil – Mexico
Addiction and Violence: Prevention and treatment with gender perspective alt

Erick Savoye – European Men’s Health Forum – Belgium
Social norms of masculinity and the health of men and women alt

Wednesday, April 1

Plenary Session / Plenária / Plenária

Men, Health, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS / Homens, Saúde, Sexualidade e HIV/AIDS / Hombres, Salud, Sexualidad y VIH/SIDA alt

Moderator: Tim Shand
Men, Health, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS alt

Abhijit Das – Center for Health and Social Justice – India
An Archeology for the Future: HIV/AIDS, Gender Equality and Including Men in the Policy Domain alt

Purnima Mane – Deputy Director – UNFPA
Men at Work

Marcos Nascimento – Promundo – Brazil
Homens, Saúde, Sexualidade e HIV/aids: impasses e desafios alt

Session 5 – Sessão 5 – Sesión 5:

Men, Masculinities, HIV and Aids / Homens, Masculinidades, HIV e Aids / Hombres, Masculinidades, HIV e Aids

Moderator: Robert Carr – Caribbean Coalition of Vulnerable Communities – Jamaica
Gender, HIV, Risk and Vulnerability alt

Dumisani Rebombo – EngenderHealth – South Africa
Males, Masculinities and HIV and AIDS alt

Julie Pulerwitz – PATH – USA
Working with men/boys for HIV and violence prevention: A focus on gender norms and equity alt
Evaluating Interventions to Engage Men in Gender Equality alt

Session 6 – Sessão 6 – Sesión 6:

Fatherhood and Men’s Participation in the Lives of Children / Paternidade e Participação Masculina na Criação dos Filhos / Paternidad y Participación Masculina en la Crianza de los Hijos

Moderator: Jorgen Lorentzen – University of Oslo – Norway PPS alt
Cristiane Cabral – CLAM/IMS/UERJ – Brazil
Masculinidade, Juventude e Paternidadealt

Trevor Davies – African Fatherhood Initiative – Zimbabwe
African Fathers Initiativealt
Father’s Day Bhoraalt

Session 7 – Sessão 7 – Sesión 7:

Youth Activism for Achieving Gender Equality / Ativismo Juvenil para a Igualdade de Gênero / Activismo Juvenil hacia la Igualdad de Género

Moderator: Ghita Antra – IPPF – Morocco

Dajan Javorac – CARE – Bosnia
Budi Muskoalt

Pallavi Kamlesh Mayekah – CORO – India
Understanding the links between masculinity and sexual risk: implications for programming for young men and womenalt

Samuel Marques – JPEG/Promundo – Brazil

Session 8 – Sessão 8 – Sesión 8:

Men, Masculinities, Sexual Exploitation, Sexual Violence and Trafficking / Homens, Masculinidades, Exploração Sexual, Violência Sexual e Tráfico de Pessoas / Hombres, Masculinidades, Explotación Sexual, Violencia Sexual y Trata de Personas

Moderator: Maria Eugenia Villareal – ECPAT – Guatemala
Itamar Batista Gonçalves – WCF – Brazil
Pela proteção da infância contra o abuso e a exploração sexualalt

Michael Flood – VicHealth & La Trobe University Partnership – Australia
Men’s roles in sexual violence and exploitation in prostitution and their preventionalt

Roop Sen – Groupe Developpment – India
Penile politics: a discussion paper based on a research on ‘why men buy sex’alt

Abstract Sessions / Apresentações de Trabalho / Presentaciones de Trabajos

Men and Boy’s Sexual Health in South Asia
Tim Shand and Jameel Zamir, International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)alt

Scaling-Up Kaka wa Leo: Promoting Positive Gender Norms and HIV Prevention among Young Men in Tanzaniaalt
Novatus Munaku, Family Health International

Saving Children’s Lives – Engaging Boys & Menalt
Dr. Balwant Singh, Save the Children UK

Addressing Masculinities and Violence in the Post Conflict Western Balkans: Lessons Learned from Engaging Young Men and Youth Service Agenciesalt
John Crownover, CARE International

Mobilizing men as allies with women for violence prevention and positive masculinity alt
Steven Botkin, Men’s Resources International

Partnering for Change from Within: The WFRT, GTZ, and Women’s Rights in Islamalt
Dr. Abdullah Al-faqih, Sana University

Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to address Gender Inequalityalt
Laxman Belbase, Save the Children Sweden

Be Real: Developing Middle School boys as Leaders in Bullying Prevention
Rus Ervin Funk, MensWork

Engaging Men to End Violence Against Women and Promote Gender Equality: A Case Study of Gender and Development for Cambodia (GAD/C)alt
Chhay Kim Sore, Cambodian Men’s Network

No more talking: actions by boys and men in Nepal to end violencealt
Syed Saghir Bukhari, UNIFEM

Working with men & boys to end SGBV in remote Bangladeshalt
Md. Imtiazul Islam, CARE Bangladesh

Engaging Boys Over the Internet: A Gender Transformative On-Line Forum for Teenage Boysalt
Klas Hyllander, Men for Gender Equality – Sweden

Policy Makers and Genderalt
Mary Crawford, Queensland University of Technology

Fostering Husbands’ Involvement & Support in Ethiopia
Awraris Alemayehu, Population Councilalt

Transforming Institutions: Improving police response to gender based violence
Maria Rashid, Rozanalt

Masculinities – violence and resistance to violence
Sarah Masters, International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)alt

O Abandono Escolar e a Construção Social da Masculinidade
Manuela Carrito, Faculdade de Psicologia e Ciencias da Educação da Universidade do Portoalt

O lugar dos homens no contexto da violencia contra a mulher
Jullyane Chagas Barboza Brasilino, GEMAalt

Projeto Juventude, Gênero e Espaço Público
Gabriel de Pierro Siqueira, Instituto Sou da Pazalt

El lugar de los varones en sectores de pobreza extremaalt
Carlos Güida, UNFPA

Masculinidad y Salud: Estrategias para comprender, atender e involucrar a los hombres en Salud Sexual y Reproductiva – MACHOalt
Alejandro Fernando Cisneros Dávila, INPPARES

Narrativas sexuais masculinas e cuidados em saúdealt
Romeu Gomes, Instituto Fernandes Figueira – Fundação Oswaldo Cruz

Paternidade e políticas públicasalt
Viviane Manso Castello Branco, Secretaria Municipal de Saúde e Defesa Civil do Rio de Janeiro.

La formación y la creación de redes de hombres como estrategia para promover la igualdad de género: Diseño, implementación y evaluación de una experiencia pilotoalt
Maribel Pizarro, Departamento de Psicologic Social y Metodologia (UPV/EHU)

Masculinities, violence, resistance and changealt
Benno de Keijzer, Salud y Género / Universidad Veracruzana

Sentir y reflexionar para transformar: El método WEM de trabajo con hombresalt
Alvaro Campos Guadamuz, Instituto Costarricense de Masculinidad, Pareja y Sexualidad (WEM)

The Men’s Story Project /Project Model and Future Directionsalt
Jocelyn Leher

Estereotipos masculinos de género – Género y Publicidadalt
Dario Ibarra

Periodistas de Argentina en Red por una comunicación no sexistaalt
Luís Maria Otero

Aligning Gender Strategies to Foster a Better Balance of Male-Female Responsibility with an Emphasis on the Situation of Adolescent Girlsalt
Five questions which focus attention on gender alignmentalt

MASVAW (Men’s Action for Stopping Violence Against Women)alt
Satish Kumar Singh>

WFRT & GTZ: Engaging Influential Men To Promote Women Rights In Yemenalt
GTZ Khaled Al Hammadi

Fe y Masculinidadesalt
Adrian Cardenas

Working to Prevent Gender-Based Violence – Social Norm Change via Mass Mediaalt
Brian O´Connor

Propiciando cambio personal y social alrededor del género, sexualidad y VIH Evaluación de impactoalt
Anotaciones – Comunicación masiva e interpersonal para la prevención de la violenciaalt
Douglas Mendoza

Las  familias somos diversas – Nueva agenda por las familias en méxicoalt
Incidencia Política. Advocacy.alt
Jose Angel Aguilar

Masculinidad y Salud: Estrategias para  comprender, atender e involucrar a los hombres en Salud Sexual y Reproductivaalt
Alejandro Davila

Politicising beyond the personalalt
Jerker Edstrom

Thursday, April 2

Plenary Session / Plenária / Plenaria

White Ribbon Campaign Taking stock of 15 years of activism in 50+ countries / Campanha do Laço Branco – Avaliando 15 anos de ativismo em mais de 50 países / Campaña Lazo Blanco – Evaluando 15 años de activismo en más de 50 países (N.B. 142 Mb) alt

Michael Kaufman – Co-founder of the White Ribbon Campaign (WRC) – Canada
Our future has no violence against womenalt

Todd Minerson – WRC – Canada
White Ribbon Campaignalt

Humberto Carolo – WRC – Canada
Taking Stock of 18 Years of Activism: White Ribbon Around the Worldalt

Plenary Session / Plenária / Plenaria

Men, Masculinities, Caregiving and Fatherhood / Homens, Masculinidades, Cuidado e Paternidade / Hombres, Masculinidades, Cuidado y Paternidad alt

Moderator: Margaret Greene – ICRW – USA
Men, Masculinities, Caregiving & Fatherhoodalt

Dean Peacock – Sonke Gender Justice Network – South Africa
Men and Care in the Context of HIV and AIDS: Structural Forces, Political Will and Greater Male Involvement alt

Jorge Lyra – Intituto PAPAI – Brazil
Fatherhood and Sexual and Reproductive Rights: Some challengers!alt
Da Licensa alt
Paternidad alt

Sarah Wamala – Institute of Public Health – Sweden
Men, masculinities, fatherhood and care-giving: A Swedish perspectivealt

Session 9 – Sessão 9 – Sesión 9:

Raising Gender Equitable Children / Educando filhos para serem homens e mulheres equitativos / Educando hijos para ser hombres y mujeres equitativos

Moderator: Daniel Seymour – UNICEF
Glenda MacNaughton – University of Melbourne – Australia
Raising Gender-Equitable Childrenalt

Juan Carlos Arean – Family Violence Prevention Fund – USA
Raising Gender-Equitable Boysalt

Knut Oftung – University of Oslo – Sweden
Raising Gender-Equitable Boysalt

Session 10 – Sessão 10 – Sesión 10:

Working Men Who Have Used Violence: Ethical, Political and Program Challenges / Trabalhando com Homens que Usaram Violência: Desafios Éticos, Políticos e Programáticos / Trabajando con Hombres que usaran Violencia: Desafíos Éticos, Políticos y Programáticos

Moderator: Benedito Medrado – Universidade Federal de Pernambuco – Brazil

Etiony Aldarondo – University of Miami – USA
Programs for men who have used violence against their female partners: An American story and a call for changealt

Marius Raakil – Alternatives to Violence – Norway
Working with men who have used violence: ethical, political and program challengesalt

Mary Koss – University of Arizona – USA
Restorative Justice Program for Sexual Assaultalt

Session 11 – Sessão 11 – Sessão 11:

Gender and Masculinities in Post-Conflict Settings / Gênero e Masculinidades em Contextos de Pós-Conflito / Género y Masculinidades en Contextos de Post-Conflicto

Moderator: Rui Maria de Araujo – Special Adviser to Minister of Health – East Timor
Na encruzilhada entre a Àsia e o Pacifico, entre a Indonésia e a Austráliaalt

Chris Dolan – Refugee Law Project – Uganda
From Gender Against Men to Gender For Menalt
Video: Congomanalt

Marc Sommers – Tufts University – USA
Masculinity’s Domino Effect: The Case of Rwandan Youth alt

Vanessa Farr / Glaucia Boyer / Samara Andrade – UNDP
Masculinities in Crisis: Gender-Responsive Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegrationalt

Session 12 – Sessão 12 – Sessão 12:

Men, Women and the Care Economy / Homens, Mulheres e o mundo do cuidado / Hombres, Mujeres y el mundo del cuidado

Moderator: Elizeu Chaves Jr.- UNFPA – Brazil

Adrienne Burgess – Fatherhood Institute – UK
Selling fatherhood / selling gender-equalityalt

Robert Morrell – University of Kwa-Zula Natal – South Africa
Fatherhood and men’s roles in families in South Africaalt

Simone Diniz – Universidade de São Paulo – Brazil
Homens, mulheres e economia de cuidadoalt

Friday, April 3

Plenary Session / Plenária / Plenária

Men, Masculinities, Globalization, Development and Social Justice / Homens, Masculinidades, Globalização, Desenvolvimento e Justiça Social / Hombres, Masculinidades, Globalización, Desarrollo y Justicia Social (SOON)

Moderator: Rahul Roy – Aakar – India
Alan Greig – Independent Consultant – USA
Gender Orders and Regime Changealt

Juan Guillermo Figueroa – Colegio de Mexico – Mexico
Masculinidades y globalización: entre militares y futbolistasalt

Ravi Verma – ICRW – India
Poverty, Migration and Sexual Riskalt

Plenary Session / Plenária / Plenária

Donors Respond: Male Engagement and Funding Priorities for the Promotion of Gender
Equality / Os Financiadores Respondem: Engajamento Masculino e Prioridades de Financiamento para a Igualdade de Gênero / Donantes Responden: Involucramiento Masculino y Prioridades de Apoyo para la Igualdad de Género

Moderator: Alanna Armitage – UNFPA – Brazil
Ana Carla Mello – Canadian International Development Agency – Brazil
What does gender equality mean for girls/women and boys/men?alt

Dara Carr – Nike Foundation – USA
Deanna Kerrigan – Ford Foundation – Brazil
Felicitas Bergstöm – Swedish International Development Agency – Sweden
Veerle Verloren van Themaat – Oxfam Novib – Netherlands

Closing Remarks alt

Reading of Call to Action alt

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