Uganda MenEngage Network 

Uganda Men Engage Network (UGAMEN) is a national network of civil society organisations involved in child rights, interventions and social mobilisation initiatives that engage men and boys in effective ways to reduce gender inequalities and promote the health of children, women, men and boys. The network was established in 2010 following a series of national stakeholders’ consultative meetings.

Uganda Men Engage Network (UGAMEN) aims to promote gender equality through active non violence and peace-building attitudes in Uganda. We are using fact-based approaches for an inclusive advocacy and capacity building so as to forge synergies to fight against holistic gender discrimination and gender inequality. UGAMEN aims to support men and boys who are committed to fight gender-based violence (GBV) to contribute to women’s empowerment and promote gender equality.

MISSION: To champion male involvement in Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights (SRHR) and social economic issues through advocacy, networking, capacity building and service delivery for gender equity.


Uganda network coordinator, Hassan Sekajoolo, discusses men’s role during Covid-19 lockdown

New campaign to tackle sexual harassment in Ugandan workplaces

MenEngage Uganda has launched an online campaign on ending sexual harassment. In a media statement announcing the launch, the network urges all men to support women who are speaking out and reclaiming their voice and power.

“Silence is not an option anymore, particularly when up to 22% of women aged 15 to 49 have experienced some form of sexual violence”, the statement reads.

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Podcast: AfricaGender Indaba Edition

In this edition of AfricaGender Indaba, MenEngage Uganda adds its voice to those of women’s rights organisations to denounce the introduction of Miss Curvy, a controversial new beauty contest launched by the Minister for Tourism, which aims to use “curvaceous” women as products to attract tourists to the country.

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Resources: Information sheets on engaging men in key issues of gender equality and supporting rights of women and girls

28 November 2018

Download information sheets from the MenEngage Uganda Network in collaboration with Straight Talk Foundation:

Engaging men and boys to end child marriage

Engaging men and boys to end female genital mutilation

Engaging men and boys to end gender based violence

Engaging men and boys to stop HIV and AIDS

Video: Stopping violence in communities in action

28 November 2018

Domestic violence is scarring many families and the violence that characterises many communities and societies is as a result of what happens in our homes. Thus, it is important to identify and address the root causes of violence within families in order to prevent the violence from escalating into our communities. This video shows how Kadama Widows Association, a member of MenEngage Uganda, is working with married couples in Uganda to end domestic violence.

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Engaging men is key to reaching 90-90-90 target in Uganda

The article below appeared on Indiana University Bloomington, 25 June 2017
Written by Gwynneth Hurley

On a warm Tuesday morning cups of hot tea and milk are passed out to nearly 100 clients sitting outside of an office at Mulago hospital, the largest hospital in Uganda’s capital city. A hospital employee in a dark blue jumpsuit speaks to the crowd in Luganda, the local language. The office belongs to The AIDS Support Organization (TASO), which was founded in 1987 as the first organization in Uganda dedicated to supporting those living with HIV. It provides HIV testing, treatment and counseling services to HIV-positive people.

In 2010 current TASO employee Fred Ssenga had a cough that would not go away. He said he was afraid and had to force himself to go get tested at Mulago. His wife had been pregnant and their child had died. His results showed he was HIV-positive. He was referred to TASO for antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) and counseling services. Next, he had to convince his wife she had to be tested as well. “She was fearing to be tested,” Ssenga said. “It was when she was sick and I brought her here for testing.” Unfortunately, she died two years later of AIDS and Ssenga was left to care for their now eight-year-old daughter alone.

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MenEngage Uganda has a new Secretariat!


We are thrilled to introduce and welcome Straight Talk Foundation (STF) Uganda as the new Secretariat for MenEngage Uganda. Straight Talk Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation with invaluable experience in the design and management of health and development communication programmes and it’s headed by Susan Ajok, who serves as the Executive Director. STF’s staff member responsible for handling MenEngage Uganda’s work is Hassan Sekajoolo who has extensive experience in health communications, community mobilisation and youth development.

STF takes over the reins from Mama’s Club, a community-based organisation whose focus is on addressing the impact of HIV, reducing the associated stigma, and providing support to and empowering HIV-positive mothers.

We thank Mama’s Clup and its Director, Dr. Lydia Mungherera, for the strong leadership of the network since its inception! Dr Mungherera was very instrumental in getting MenEngage Uganda to where it is today, including developing the current terms of reference that contains elements of good governance as well as successful policy engagements with the Ministry of Health that led to the development of the National Male Engagement Guidelines for Health.

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