“Circles and circles”: Notes on African feminist debates around gender and violence in the c21

“When we move, we cause ruptures.”(Patricia McFadden1) “That we can be injured, that others can be injured, that we are subject to death at the whim of another, are all reasons for both fear and grief…. If we are interested in arresting cyles of violence to create less violent outcomes, it is no doubt important to ask what, politically, may be made of grief besides a cry for war.”(Judith Butler, preface to Precarious Life, 2004) Introduction The strategies opened for political activism through mobilization as “women” shift dramatically in different historical, social, economic, and culturalcontexts (Geisler, 2004; Razavi and Molyneux, 2002; Ferree and Tripp, 2006).

Author:Jane Bennett

Institutional Sponsor: African Gender Institute, University of Cape Town

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