Encouraging collaboration among father involvement programs and battered women’s advocates

The Center on Fathers, Families, and Public Policy (CFFPP) is located in Madison, Wisconsin. CFFPP is a policy organization that focuses on the impact of national and state welfare, fatherhood, and child support policy on never married, low-income parents and their children. The center was created, in part, to provide public education and information as to the concerns of very poor individuals and families who are attempting to negotiate social welfare systems. Because of the inadequacy of advocacy or policy analysis of these issues from the perspective of very low-income and unemployed fathers, we have concentrated on that perspective. The concerns of these fathers and their children make a national discussion about fatherhood especially urgent. This case study details the effort to encourage collaborative work among advocates for battered women and for low-income fathers.

Author: Jacquelyn Boggess

Institutional Sponsor: The Center of Fathers, Families, and Public Policy

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