Get Moving! Phase 1: Looking Within

The Gender Based Violence (GBV) Prevention Network brings together over 260 organisations and individuals across the Horn, East, and Southern Africa. In November 2008, members of the Network met to discuss GBV prevention efforts in the region and agreed on the need to build and strengthen a GBV prevention movement for the region. In response, throughout 2009, the GBV Prevention Network was tasked with focusing on building such a movement, themed the Get Moving! initiative. There are six phases in the Get Moving process. To correspond with each phase, the GBV Prevention Network published the Get Moving! series of booklets which are designed to stimulate personal and/or organisational reflection about movement building. The publications include ideas for reflection sessions, exercises, and readings that ideally would be conducted within member organisations, as well as readings and suggestions for journal writing that participants can do independently.

Institutional Sponsor: The GBV Prevention Network

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