Honor related violence: manual on prevention of violence against women and girls in patriarchal families

Honour related violence (HRV) refers to the punishment of girls and women for sexual or societal indiscretions which bring shame on the family. HRV has becoming increasingly visible in Europe over the last decade and its forms range from oppression through to killing. This training manual is a tool for those working to combat HRV such as the police, social services, judiciary, schools, health care services, immigration, as well as civil society organisations and women’s shelters. The sessions cover: Introduction to Working on Honour Related Violence; Gender; Empowerment; Patriarchal Power Structures and Violence; Socio-cultural Context, Values and Norms; Understanding the Concept of Honour; HRV and Sexuality; Indications, Risk Assessment of HRV and Support; Coping Strategies; HIV, Poverty and Social Inclusion; and Multi-Sector Cooperation.

Institutional Sponsor: Kvinnoforum / Foundation of Women’s Forum

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