Masculinities, Alcohol and Gender-Based Violence: Bridging the Gaps – Concept note and literature review

By outlining the multiple and complex links between alcohol, masculinities and GBV, this concept note  aims to provide a basis and direction for expanding MenEngage Africa’s work in combating GBV, including through alcohol abuse interventions, across the region.

This concept note will be useful to anyone working in the field of GBV prevention or alcohol addiction. It bridges the gaps between these two issues in order to highlight how they cannot be addressed in  isolation, nor without engaging men for gender equality and transforming harmful masculinities. By examining key linkages, this concept note will enable MenEngage Africa partners and other actors in the region to understand the issues connected to alcohol, GBV and masculinities, and to develop and expand strategies that take into consideration the intersections between these issues.

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