MenEngage Accountability Standards and Guidelines

The impetus for the development of the MenEngage Accountability Standards and Guidelines originated from the requests of key groups and stakeholders to operationalize and establish basic accountability standards for the work of member organizations.

MenEngage is a network of 600 NGOs working with men and boys to promote gender equality. There are 32 autonomous country networks and six regional networks. These Accountability Standards and Guidelines aim to help individual members, organizations and networks who belong to the Alliance to put into practice the commitments and principles set out in our Memorandum of Understanding and in our Code of Conduct.

In a nutshell the standards are:

1. Responsibility of MenEngage leaders in promoting accountability.

2. Openness of the Alliance to publicize how to submit concerns or complaints regarding the behavior of their members and the commitments to respond effectively to these issues.

3. Collaboration/open dialogue with women’s right organizations by: a) Inclusion of at least two women’s rights organizations in the MenEngage Steering Committees; b) Holding bi-annual meetings with women’s rights organizations and other key stakeholders; and
c) Joining women’s led networks and initiatives.

4. Partnerships with women’s rights organizations to consult with them when MenEngage networks are planning new programs or initiatives.

5. Dissemination and capacity building on accountability and on the mechanisms to promote accountability

6. Adoption, by the organizations belonging to the Alliance, of institutional policies that reflect respect for and commitment to an equitable work environment

7. Dissemination of the policies stated above

8. Promotion of women leaderships within MenEngage network and organizations

9. Fulfillment of international ethical standards when MenEngage organizations conduct social research.

10. The signature of Code of Conducts by MenEngage members

11. Active participation of MenEngage members in accountability trainings

12. Promotion of critical self-reflections at personal level among MenEngage members to discuss issues related to power, privilege and accountability.

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