MenEngage Africa Symposium Report, October 2009

The MenEngage Africa Symposium was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 5-9 October 2009. The symposium brought together organisations and policymakers from across Africa to build civil society and government capacity to work with men and boys to respond to gender-based violence and HIV. The symposium had the general objective of looking at ways of working with men and boys to achieve gender equality. Specific objectives included:

• To add to and share information related to the growing body of evidence, confirming that programmes targeting men and boys can result in changes in attitude and behaviour.
• To bring attention to the need to build a more coherent and robust body of regional and national policies, in order to increase the scale and impact of the work that needs to be done.
• To look at ways in which these policies need to support and build upon the existing international, regional, national and local commitments towards gender justice.

Institutional Sponsors: Sonke Gender Justice and MenEngage

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