Poster set on men, masculinity and violence by SAMYAK, Pune, INDIA

This set of two posters is developed in participation of community (rural) men in Marathi. Marathi is state language of Maharashtra state of India. Poster 1: A well-liked Marathi film actor, Makarand Anaspure posed for two posters and other visual materials like stickers and handbills. Theme of this poste is ‘Masculinity and Violence’. Poster 1 appeals men to understand the link between hegemonic masculinity and its inter linkage with general violence in community. Poster 2: Another poster appeals men to stand against violence against women in private and public spheres. We have pre-tested these materials (visuals and text) with wide range of rural audiences from western Maharashtra, Marathwada and Vidarbha region. We could observe remarkable influence of these messages on rural men in Maharashtra. Makarand Anaspure has agreed to be ‘SAMYAK ambassador’ on the issues of masculinities and VAW.

Institutional Sponsor: SAMYAK

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