Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy

This policy seeks to ensure that our network organizing, campaigns, programs, activities, advocacy efforts
and communications are safe and secure for all children and young people. We are determined to ensure
that every child and young person within the scope of MenEngage Global Alliance feels safe. Safeguarding
means that we have a set of internal policies, procedures and practices to ensure that MenEngage Global
Alliance provides a safe and secure environment for all children and young people where and as relevant.

This policy complements and relates to the Core Principles and Code of Conduct of MenEngage Alliance,
which all members have signed on to and are required to implement to make sure that all children and
young people with whom we are in contact or work with are respected and that their right to freedom
from all forms of intentional or unintentional injury, discrimination, abuse, violence, and sexual assault
and exploitation is recognized and protected.

The work of MenEngage Global Alliance aims to ensure that the rights of all children and young people
are recognized, at the minimum, in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and all
relevant conventions and treaties adhered by the UNDESA Youth. Article 19 of the CRC clearly outlines
the responsibility and obligation of State Parties to safeguard children and young people from all forms of
physical or psychological violence, injury or abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment or
exploitation, including sexual abuse and violence. MenEngage Global Alliance considers that all of the
above entail a violation of the rights of children and young people and that all young people have the
same right to freedom from such violations.

This policy covers the Alliance’s responsibility for safeguarding all children and young people in our
networks, and in programs and initiatives by our members, from all forms of discrimination, injury, abuse,
exploitation and violence. The Code of Conduct sets out the professional conduct and good practice
expected of MenEngage Global Alliance staff, members and representatives in relation to young people.

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