Stockholm Gender Forum 2018 – insights from group discussion

Stockholm Gender Forum – How do we generate change?

Key insights from discussion workshop

Stockholm Gender Forum, 16 April 2018

Organized by MenEngage Alliance members and partners 

The Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality, which was initiated by the Swedish Government and took place from 15-17 April 2018, brought together civil society, activists, governments, private sector and academia from all over the world to foster collaboration and intensify efforts for a gender equal future.

MenEngage Alliance hosted a session entitled, ‘Working with men and boys for gender justice: How do we generate change?’. This interactive session – opened with a diverse spectrum of contributions from MenEngage Alliance members – was a forum for exchange and debate on how work in this area can be transformative, and avoid the risk of reinforcing gender injustices.

These notes aim to capture the points were shared by many of the 50 delegates who attended the workshop at the Stockholm Gender Forum 2018.

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