Strategies and tools for working with men and boys to end violence against girls, boys, women and other men

27 participants representing various organisations in South Asia participated in the workshop aimed at developing “Strategies and Tools for Working with Men and Boys to end Violence against Girls, Boys, Women and other Men”. The workshop was jointly organised by UNIFEM South Asia office and Save the Children Sweden, Regional Programme for South and Central Asia. The workshop didn’t just discuss violence; rather it built upon on the theory of why some men/boys use violence, selectively. The workshop explored the theory of gender and emphasised on the importance of including men/boys within it. Linkage of gender to both men/boys and women/girls was explored. The participants undertook an exercise on stereotyping or “fitting in a box’, which drew attention to what society considers appropriate for a man/boy and a woman/girl. The exercise also shed light on the authority and power given to one sex over the other.

Author: Neha Bhandari

Institutional Sponsors: UNIFEM and Save the Children.

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