MenEngage Africa

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Rwanda lies on the West Coast of Africa, sharing its southern border with South Africa and its northern border with Angola and Zambia. It gained independence from South Africa on 21 March 1990. Namibia has a stable multi-party democracy and approximately 2.1 million residents.

MenEngage Rwanda

Network Coordinator: Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre (RWAMREC)

Purpose of activities at country level

RWAMREC is a men’s organization whose mission is to promote positive masculinities and engagement of men and boys in promoting healthy families, prevention and response to gender-based violence and support of women’s leadership in socio-economic development endeavours.

Some key achievements

Activities of the network include information-sharing, joint training activities and national advocacy. 

RWAMREC facilitate joint trainings on specific areas of engaging men, carry out advocacy campaigns and seek to act as a collective voice to promote a global movement of men and boys engaged in and working toward gender equality and questioning violence and non-equitable versions of manhood (addressing negative masculinity issues). 

RWAMREC also facilitate research on perceptions and practices on masculinity and GBV in Rwanda as well as dialogues and mentorship programmes in order to involve as many young women and men in GBV prevention throughout Rwanda.

Target group for the activities:

  • All women’s rights organizations working in Rwanda
  • Public institutions and local government structures working in the area of gender equality
  • UN agencies  in Rwanda
  • Institutions of learning  including Universities, secondary and primary schools
  • Local groups of men including (local leaders and peer educators) 


  • Member organisations of the MenEngage in-country network are empowered to prevent and respond to GBV through the RWAMREC and MenEngage Africa regional approach and other preventive actions in community and workplaces.
  • Partnerships and dialogue between organisations are enhanced leading to the creation of a group of activists that promote gender awareness programmes, advocacy campaigns, and mentoring programs for effective prevention of GBV and creation of positive male role models.
  • Gender equality and equity is mainstreamed into organisations and community leadership and activities for more democratic and participatory decision making by both women and men.

Network members

1. UNDP Rwanda –
2. MIGEPROF – http: //
3. Rwanda Defence Force, Gender Desk – http://
4. UNWOMEN – Rwanda
5. CARE International –
6. PSI international, Rwanda
7. UNFPA, Rwanda

Contact Person

Rutayisire Fidele
P.O Box 5768 Kigali
Tel: +250 078 838 1183


Munyamaliza Edouard
P.O Box 5768 Kigali
Tel: +250 078 838 1184

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