UNAIDS Platform for Action on Men and HIV

UNAIDS Platform for Action on Men and HIV and AIDS 2016

UNAIDS Discussion Paper on Men and HIV

MenEngage Alliance is sharing the newly released UNAIDS Platform for Action on men and HIV launched at the International AIDS Conference held in Durban in July 2016. It summarises discussions and commitments to action from a global consultation on men, gender and HIV held in Geneva in December last year and convened by UNAIDS together with Sonke Gender Justice and the International Planned Parenthood Federation, both members of the MenEngage Alliance Global Board.

Also attached is a discussion paper prepared for the Geneva meeting which includes important new data on HIV incidence, use of HIV testing, access to treatment, morbidity and mortality disaggregated by sex and region–all showing that men are significantly underrepresented in HIV testing and treatment and similarly overrepresented in AIDS morbidity and mortality.

Presentations at the AIDS Conference provided additional evidence of the growing gap between women and men’s access to testing and treatment services and reinforced the urgency of addressing this. A summary article by AIDSMAP shows this starkly: in South Africa 60 percent of women with HIV infection are engaged in care, compared to only 43 percent of men. In Namibia men with HIV were 75 percent less likely to have been tested and diagnosed than women.

A comprehensive write up of this work can be found at http://www.genderjustice.org.za/news-item/sonke-unaids-ippf-high-level-meeting-men-gender-hiv-aids/.


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