What we do

The MenEngage partners work collectively and individually toward the fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goals, particularly those components that focus on achieving gender equality. Activities of the alliance include information-sharing, joint training activities and national, regional and international advocacy. We develop joint statements of action on specific areas of engaging men, carry out advocacy campaigns and seek to act as a collective voice to promote a global movement of men and boys engaged in and working toward gender equality and questioning violence and non-equitable versions of manhood.

Some of our current projects:

  • 2009 Global Symposium on Engaging Boys and Men
    On March 30th-April 3rd, 2009, the MenEngage network along with Promundo, Instituto Papai, White Ribbon Alliance, UNFPA and Save the Children-Sweden will host, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a global symposium on engaging boys and men in gender equality, including the themes of HIV/AIDS, SRH, GBV, maternal health and fatherhood. For more information see www.engagingmen2009.org
  • AIDSPortal Masculinity Site
    MenEngage, in partnership with DFID (Department for International Development), developed a Men and Masculinities page for the AIDSPortal. This page serves as an internet environment for sharing information, resources, tools, and best practices for working with men and boys.
  • UNFPA/Promundo Toolkit for Work with Men and Boys
    Promundo and UNFPA in collaboration with WHO are developing a “tool kit” of emerging good practices of engaging men and boys in SRH, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, MNCH, GBV prevention, and fatherhood. The tool kit will partly be a synthesis of existing “good practice” materials that Promundo and other MenEngage partners have already developed.
  • Men, Masculinities, Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Violence
    Promundo and MenEngage partners developed a review of existing literature and research on the role of gender socialization and the connection of hegemonic versions of masculinities to men’s sexual exploitation of women and children. The next phase of this project will be to bring together strategic partners to address research and programming gaps around sexual exploitation and sexual violence.
  • Regional Networking
    The MenEngage International network provides technical assistance and support to MenEngage regional networks in regional coordination and advocacy. This role is key in bringing regional country networks together and exchanging information and resources between countries within regions.
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