Who we are

MenEngage is a global alliance of NGOs and UN agencies that seeks to engage boys and men to achieve gender equality. International Steering Committee Members include Sonke Gender Justice Network (co-chair),Promundo (co-chair), EngenderHealth, Family Violence Prevention Fund, International Center for Research on Women , International Planned Parenthood Federation, Men’s Resources International (United States), Salud y Genero (Mexico), Save the Children-Sweden, Sahoyog, White Ribbon Campaign, WHO, UNDP, UNFPA and UNIFEM.

At the national level, members include more than 400 NGOs from Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, Asia and Europe. The Alliance came together in 2004 with the general goal of working in partnership to promote the engagement of men and boys in achieving gender equality, promoting health and reducing violence at the global level, including questioning the structural barriers to achieving gender equality.

Why a Global Alliance?

Work with men has demonstrated significant potential in encouraging men’s positive roles in building gender equality and improving men’s and women’s health. However, most work with men has been local in scale and limited in scope. To be effective at the societal level – to transform the pervasive gender inequalities which characterise nations and regions around the world – work with men will need to be scaled up. We believe that this means embedding such work into public policy and working with the women’s rights movement to move the issue ahead. MenEngage was formed as a civil society and UN process to advocate collectively toward this end.

How you can participate?

The MenEngage Alliance invites NGOs to become members by signing a set of core principles. UN agencies can participate by contacting one of the Co-Chairs. Individuals, researchers and governmental officials can participate in the listserve and will receive electronic newsletters and updates.

As an NGO member of MenEngage you will:

  • Participate in national-level MenEngage networks, including having opportunities to participate in national-level events and trainings as funding/space is available
  • Have your organization’s description listed in both the international and regional MenEngage website with description of activities (NGO registry of members) * Receive regular listserve mailings from international and regional coordinators
  • Propose advocacy campaigns or advocacy activities at the national, regional or international level
  • Sign on (as agreed on a case-by-case basis) to advocacy campaigns and joint statements initiated at the country, regional or international level by MenEngage

How we work with the Women’s Rights movement?

The MenEngage Alliance does not seek to replace any existing global alliance working to achieve gender equality, nor do we seek to work apart from the women’s rights movement. At the global and national levels, MenEngage international Steering Committee members seek to dialogue with key individuals and organizational advocates who work to promote women’s rights. All of our organizations work directly with women, men and girls and boys. We work from the perspective of gender as relational – and as such believe that men and women must be involved in achieving gender equality. We view work with men as a vital component of achieving gender equality, together with, rather than apart from work to empower women and girls.

How are we funded?

The MenEngage Alliance is funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and the Oak Foundation. Country-level and regional activities are also supported by Save the Children-Sweden and UNDP. International Steering Committe members can serve as fiscal agents and administer funds for the Alliance. International Steering Committee members also use their own institutional resources to further the goals of the Alliance.

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