Reporting a concern

We value all feedback about our work and our leaders and members. We commit to being attentive, listening, and responding to concerns or complaints in ways that center the needs, wishes, and rights of those who are negatively impacted – directly or indirectly.

This page explains how to share feedback and complaints relating to MenEngage Alliance and its representatives.

We acknowledge that accountability is an ongoing process of listening, taking action, learning, and commitment to do better. Our systems and processes are regularly reviewed and improved to reflect new understandings and lessons for the future.

Anyone who experiences/d negative consequences/impacts is encouraged to and can raise concerns. These can relate to individuals, our work, the various regional and country-level networks of MenEngage, organizations representing MenEngage Alliance, or any breaches of our Core Principles or Code of Conduct, or any other concerns you feel are relevant.

What can you report?

You can report something that impacts or has impacted you or anything you have noticed that concerns you. If you need to report something that has negatively impacted someone else, it is important to discuss it with them first and ensure you have their informed consent if possible. Not doing so could put them at greater risk of harm.

What options are available if you have a concern you would like to report?

There are several avenues available for reporting a concern, incident, or issue. The following distinctions provide guidance on which avenue may be most suitable to you:


Any positive or negative statement of opinion you would like to share with us. Feedback may or may not require a response.


A complaint expresses a negative opinion or dissatisfaction and requires a response and/or resolution from MenEngage Alliance.
Please see below for the different ways you can report feedback or a complaint.

Identified report

Feedback or complaints that include your name and contact data for a potential follow-up, if you give us permission.

Anonymous report

Feedback or complaints that do not include your name or other means to identify who you are.

Click here to download the MenEngage Alliance Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures document.

Reporting channels for identified reports

Reporting to MenEngage Country or regional network representatives

If the issue you want to report originates from an individual, committee, organization, or network affiliated to a country or regional MenEngage network, please consider raising the issue with leaders and representatives of the Regional or Country MenEngage Network.

Each regional network has appointed individuals mandated to manage reports of this nature, who have been trained to do so in proper ways. Following are the reporting focal points per region:

  • MenEngage Africa: Sariaka Nantenaina and Josephine Mukwendi
  • CariMAN (MenEngage members in the Caribbean region): Tricia Basdeo-Gobin
  • MenEngage Europe: Luis Lineo and Teresa Schweiger
  • MenEngage Latinoamérica: Hernando Muñoz
  • North American MenEngage Network (NAMEN): Shane Joseph
  • MenEngage Alliance South Asia (MEASA): Bhawani Nayak and Mausumi Sharmin
  • MenEngage Lebanon (currently applicable for the Middle East and North Africa region). Name TBD

Reporting to the Global MenEngage Alliance

If the issue you want to report originates from an individual, committee, or organization directly affiliated with Global MenEngage Alliance, such as the Global Secretariat staff or Global Board of the MenEngage Alliance, send an email to

You can also report to Global MenEngage if you don’t feel comfortable doing so with the regional or national MenEngage Network or member organization, or if you have not heard back from them, or feel dissatisfied with the handling of your complaint.

Reporting channels for anonymous reports

Although we are committed to handling any report with professionalism and treating it as confidential, we recognize that some reporters may prefer to stay anonymous.

MenEngage Alliance partners with LightHouse Services, which acts as a third-party intermediary for anyone wanting to provide an anonymous report. LightHouse is an independent provider, so the reporters can feel confident that their anonymity will be maintained and respected.

There are several options to report via LightHouse Services:

  • Online:
  • E-mail: (name ‘MenEngage’ in your email)
  • App: Download instructions for using the anonymous reporting app. Keyword: menengage
  • Toll-Free Telephone for all countries:
    800-603-2869 (must dial country access code first click here for access codes and dialing instructions)
  • Specific numbers for North America (Canada, Mexico, and USA)
    • English speaking USA and Canada: 855-222-2983
    • Spanish speaking USA and Canada: 800-216-1288
    • French-speaking Canada: 855-725-0002
    • Spanish speaking Mexico: 01-800-681-5340
  • Fax: (215) 689-3885 (name ‘MenEngage’ in your fax)

What will happen after making a report?

Feedback and complaints will be received by two focal persons: one from the MenEngage Global Board (Lydia Mungherera, focal person for the Sexual Harassment Policy), and one from the Global Secretariat (Oswaldo Montoya, Accountability focal person). They will share this information with the Co-Directors and/or Co-Chairs of MenEngage Alliance, as relevant. If the complaint is against one of these four representatives or if some of them have a conflict of interest, they will not be involved in the processing of the complaint. (We have set up the systems so that we can guarantee this.)

Unless you choose to remain anonymous, the accountability focal person will contact you to explain and discuss the next steps. At this point, we will discuss how you would like to proceed, prioritizing a survivor-centered approach. With your permission, we would then discuss the issue with other people involved as relevant.

The details of the feedback or complaint will be stored in a secure Case Management System, which is only seen by the focal persons, Co-Directors, and by any assigned investigator, if there is the need for this role. Investigators will be part of the Review Committee, an impartial party not directly connected with MenEngage Global Alliance. These individuals must be neutral, unbiased, and credible. They are responsible for an objective review of the complaint, a fair investigation, and a process in which all parties are fairly treated and have an opportunity to provide their version of events. Not all cases will require an external investigation if the people involved opt for a restorative justice approach.

The reporting process can lead to remedial actions. If the people negatively affected agree to follow a restorative justice approach, our goal is that those who cause harm–whether that is individuals or collective entities–listen, learn, understand the harm done, take responsibility and change their behaviors and attitudes, committing to repair those harms, to the extent that is possible.

In some cases, organizations and individuals that violate our Code of Conduct may be removed from the MenEngage Alliance membership. Throughout the process, we commit to keeping the person who provided the feedback or complaint informed.