Consultancy Opportunity: Youth Leadership and Engagement Strategy

MenEngage Global Alliance is seeking a consultant to carry out an initial strengths and needs assessment as part of the implementation of its youth leadership and engagement strategy. 

In recent years, the Alliance has been seeking to strengthen youth leadership and engagement and has been working with its Youth Reference group, a group of young activists and experts on working with youth from across the Alliance’s regional networks, to strengthen this work. In 2020, the Alliance developed a youth leadership and engagement strategy Building and Engaging Young Leaders together with the youth reference group which will support us in strengthening meaningful youth leadership and engagement across all levels and activities of the Alliance for the next four years from 2021-24.

The consultant will support the Global Secretariat and the Youth Reference Group to implement some of the elements of the strategy identified for year 1 including: 

  • Review all institutional processes and practices that serve as strength and could prevent the meaningful participation of young people from all regions and in their full diversity in the Alliance’s programming and advocacy, as envisioned by the strategy.
  • Undertake a needs assessment to identify gaps in capacities, knowledge, and skills to support young people’s leadership, engagement, and youth-adult partnerships at the country, regional, and global levels.
  • Identify and assess knowledge and communication pathways at the country, regional, and global levels that prevent transparent communication and create knowledge silos between young people and the Alliance’s leadership and staff.
  • Consult with current and former young members of the Alliance, to assess and analyse barriers to vertical and horizontal participation in each region and use creative tools to eliminate and minimize barriers to sustainable youth engagement.

See full details and how to apply here.

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