Working to reach a Lebanese society engaging men by pushing towards achieving gender equality by popularizing the concept of positive masculinity, as well as by engaging the Network in the process of exchanging experiences and information on ways to involve men in this movement.

At the Network, we believe that men can be part of the force for gender equality, by adopting a feminist approach and respecting, ensuring and promoting human rights that would reduce stereotypical notions of masculinity in patriarchal regimes.

Values stands for the ethical framework that guides and defines the work of the Network. At the forefront of the values is gender equality, which is equality between different social types in rights and duties, and no discrimination based on gender; meaning that there should be an equal distribution of economic resources, within the framework of equal distribution of opportunities and the ability to influence public life, social power, non-discrimination on the basis of identity or sexual orientation, and respect for diversity, through the openness of the Network to include individuals from different social, cultural, religious and identities backgrounds.

Areas of Work
In addition to the main areas of work such as involving men, spreading positive masculinity and addressing the root causes of violence against women and all forms of gender-based violence, the Network works in intersectional areas of work such as intersectional rights, social justice, gender equality, defending sexual and reproductive health rights for all, transforming gender stereotypes and the paternalistic definition of masculinity, raising awareness on unpaid-care-work, advocating for the LGBTQAI+ community, and engaging all social types in raising awareness on the importance of education and upbringing in building gender-equal societies.