MenEngage Mozambique seeks to raise awareness among men around issues of gender and masculinities as well as to advocate for the work with men and boys to be considered in gender polices and plans.

To achieve this, the country network works together with youth groups, students, senior managers from civil society organizations, senior government officers from relevant sectors and men and boys, generally between the ages of 15 to 49.

Some of its activities include:

  • Trainings on masculinities, violence against women, sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS
  • Men’s march for gender equality
  • Media based campaigns
  • Policy and program workshops

As a result of the network’s activities they have seen that:

  • More men have increasingly recognized gender related vulnerabilities
  • Almost 40 celebrities, personalities and intellectuals have broken their silence on violence against women
  • The government of Mozambique, through the Ministry of Women and Social Action is increasingly integrating  approaches with into its work