Transforming Masculinities: Towards a Shared Vision

A report looking at the progress, challenges, and opportunities for working together globally to engage men and boys in gender justice.

This report looks at some of the most important questions facing those working to transform masculinities in the world today:

  • Progress and resistance in women’s rights worldwide
  • Applying intersectionality to ‘men and masculinities’ work
  • Working towards a feminist framework for engaging men and boys
  • Being accountable
  • Working together for a more inclusive global network
  • Advocacy in a shifting ‘men and masculinities’ discourse.

Who will find this resource useful?

This report is a helpful starting point for learning more about the current state of the ‘men and masculinities’ field, its challenges and contradictions. It offers ways forward to ensure our collective work makes a real contribution to feminist agendas and promotes the rights of all women and girls, and people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

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About the Authors:

This report is based on the discussions of regional representatives, the Global Board, and Global Secretariat of MenEngage Alliance that took place at the 2018 MenEngage Alliance Strategy meeting in Santiago, Chile. It is published by MenEngage Alliance.


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