MenEngage Europe regional membership meeting and capacity building training on Men and Caregiving

Sep 17 2014 - Sep 20 2014

European regional MenEngage network, in cooperation with the Global MenEngage and Youth organization Status M, is organizing the first European membership event for the member organizations and individuals, registered through the MenEngage Website.

The goals of the event are:

– To present the work being done on the theme of Men and Caregiving in Europe and globally and also to  provide practical skills for working on this topic

– To strengthen the cooperation of the membership through the MenEngage Europe regional network

– To present the MenEngage Strategic document and to plan future activities and cooperation

We invite you to register to the event. Steps include:

1. Registering on the as a member

2- Applying for the event by sending a 150 words motivation letter to the organizing comittee on

The deadline for applying is 31st of August. Confirmation will be sent be e-mail. 

Please add any information on nutrition requirements.

Training and meeting will be facilitated by the members of the provisional Steering committee of the MenEngage Europe regional network.  The event is to be held in the wonderful City of Zagreb, in a facility surrounded by forest, ideal for great team building, learning and planning.  This is an activist event, so do expect activist surrounding: 4-12 people dorm rooms (that is the reason the price is so low).The maximum number of participants is limited to 35.

As organizers, we from Youth organization Status M will do all that we can to help facilitate your arrival and all the needs that might occur. Our engagement is voluntary, although we are doing our best to gather elementary funds in order to provide lower prizes for lodging and better conditions for the training.

The event is self-funded, with all the costs of lodging and food payed at spot to the hosting facility in amount of maximum 90 Euros. The travel to Zagreb (including the taxi or public transportation to the venue) is to be covered by individuals or organizations participating.

The event starts on the 17th in the afternoon and ends on the 20th in the morning (arrival 17th and departure 20th).

For all additional info, feel free to contact us through the official organizational mail, that will serve as both informational and application contact.  We are looking forward to have the chance to host you and participate fulfilling the potential of the incredible MenEngage regional European network.

Do contact us for any additional information on

MenEngage Europe in Zagreb

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