V Coloquio Internacional de Estudios sobre Varones y Masculinidades

Santiago, Chile

Jan 14 2015 - Jan 16 2015

The V International Conference of Studies on Men and Masculinities aims to bring together researchers /, academics /, activists and managers of public policies in Latin America, the Caribbean and other contexts to update the state of the art studies of masculinities and transformative actions for gender equality including men, to discuss patriarchy and gender relations in the current context, problematize categories, approaches and approaches, and propose guidelines and challenges for research, action and public policy .

Thus, the symposium has as convener V’s “Patriarchate in the XXI Century: Changes and Resistance.” We want to relieve the patriarchal system of dominance condition as it has acquired new forms of expression, discussing how the privileges of masculinity have mutated acquiring new forms of expression in different contexts. Interesting to reflect and discuss what these changes are and why they have provided, what the strengths are, and what conditions should be generated to advance gender equality.

Specifically proposed in the Symposium:

  • update the state of the art of research, community work, activism, design programs and policies on men, masculinities and gender equality;
  • discuss the theoretical, conceptual, and methodological policies, current and emerging in the field of men and masculinities studies, work with men in public and political notions;
  • dialogue with gender studies, feminism, women’s movement and LGBTI organizations and men, discussing the approaches and tensions in research and activism;
  • exchange best practices and systematized programs and / or evaluated for men, discussing lessons learned and scope for programs and policies.

Papers will be organized according to the following thematic or working groups:

Masculinity and Violence GT1
and GT2 Paternities Care
GT3 Men’s Health
Sexuality and Reproductive Rights GT4
GT5 Sexual Diversity, Heteronormativity and Homophobia
men GT6 organizations, political action and social movements
GT7 Current debates and political theorists around categories masculinities, gender, feminism and patriarchy.
GT8 Masculinities, Work and Family
Racial and Ethnic Diversity GT9 Masculinities
GT10 Public Policy, government action and masculinities
GT11 Debates in investigating masculinities
Masculinity and Education GT12
GT13 Masculinities and community action (psychosocial interventions with men)
GT14 Art, Body , Performativity, Power and Culture
GT15 sexual exploitation, trafficking and sex work.

We summoned to attend this V International Symposium of Men and Masculinity Studies to be held in Santiago de Chile from 14 to 16 January 2015.

Amigas / os MenEngage
registration is now open and the call for sending communications to the V International Symposium for the Study of Men and Masculinity “Patriarchate in the XXI Century: Changes and Resistance.” Santiago de Chile, 14 to 16 January 2015.

. Submission of abstracts of papers until August 31, 2014
Standards costs: http://www.coloquiomasculinidades.cl/normas-shipping-resumenes/

Registration is open. Deadlines and values: http://www.coloquiomasculinidades.cl/valores-and-plazos/

Participant registration forms and send an abstract: http://www.coloquiomasculinidades.cl/formulario-inscripcion/

Follow the news of the V Symposium on:
Site oficial: http://www.coloquiomasculinidades.cl
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vcoloquio.masculinidades
Twitter: https://twitter.com/5oCMasculinidad

Thanks if you can circulate this information on their networks.

Welcome / I to V International Symposium for the Study of Men and Masculinity. January 14 to 16, 2015, Santiago, Chile!

Francisco Aguayo and Klaudio Duarte
Executive Secretariat
V International Studies Colloquium Men and Masculinities

Organizing committee
Francisco Aguayo, EME and Foundation CulturaSalud
Klaudio Duarte, FACSO, Universidad de Chile
Carolina Franch, CIEG, University of Chile
Silvia Lamadrid, Gender and Society Core Julieta Kirkwood, University of Chile
Michelle Sadler, EME and CulturaSalud Foundation

Core Julieta Kirkwood Gender and Society, Department of Sociology, FACSO, University of Chile
Interdisciplinary Center CIEG Gender Studies, Department of Anthropology, FACSO, Universidad de Chile
Foundation CulturaSalud – EME
Host: MenEngage Alliance


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