International Women’s Day 2020: Allyship to action

This 8th March, we celebrate the collective action of women’s rights movements around the world. We celebrate energized youth movements who continue to unflinchingly call for justice,  inclusion, a transformative and radical response to the climate crisis, and full recognition of bodily autonomy. We celebrate feminists of color, trans people and LGBTQI activists who continue to highlight the complexity of the human experience, and particularly the experience of people living under multiple layers of oppression and exclusion.

25 years on from Beijing

This International Women’s Day comes at a pivotal moment for women’s rights globally. We join feminist movements around the world in reflecting on progress and achievements of the last 25 years since the landmark Beijing Platform for Action was signed. Together we are calling for accelerated action and accountability from governments. 25 years since this agenda was set out, it is clear that its progressive goals have not been achieved and women’s rights movements are working tirelessly to ensure governments do not waiver on these existing commitments.

This anniversary comes at a time in which women’s rights are under unprecedented attack from growing conservative forces around the world. Women, girls and people of all genders around the world continue to face epidemic levels of exclusion, oppression, exploitation, violence and femicide, and to have their rights and freedoms curtailed. Many hard-fought achievements by the women’s movement are being reversed and women and girls are seeing their rights to sexual and reproductive health and bodily autonomy eroded. 

In the face of this challenging political climate, we call on men and boys to stand in allyship with feminist movements around the world and take action for gender justice.

That means joining together with women, girls and people of all genders in demanding action on the most pressing feminist issues of our time. The need to engage men and boys for gender justice is more urgent than ever. 


Campaigns like #IStandWithHer – led by the United Nations for International Women’s Day 2020 – and #ViolenceIsNotFilm carry an important message to challenge dominant, stereotypical narratives around masculinity and femininity that are harmful to women’s, girls’ and LGBTQ rights. We support these campaigns which urge us to take action for gender equality by challenging harmful content and narratives online. It is crucial that we all join together to #changethestory, and create new narratives in which people of all genders are free to live the life they choose and can enjoy their fundamental human rights.

What we are doing

Throughout this crucial year for women’s rights, we are mobilizing as a global community  of organizations that include work with ‘men and masculinities’. Our aim is to elevate the impact and accountability of work to transform masculinities and engage men and boys for women’s rights, LGBTQI rights, and gender justice for all within a collective human rights-based agenda. We want to listen to, understand, share, and accelerate these efforts to support feminist movements by challenging power, privilege and the patriarchal systems that are at the root of gender inequalities around the world.

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