Knowledge exchange visit to the Global North organisations

SOUTH AFRICA: A delegation of three gender and human rights activists from Sonke Gender Justice Network, Regis Mtutu, Patrick Godana and Leo Mbobi are currently in India, New Delhi. The week-long visit seeks to engage, explore and exchange knowledge with the Global North organisations as part of the Global MenEngage Alliance work.


The visit which marks the third leg of the knowledge exchange programme organised by the Global MenEngage Alliance will strive to furthur establish, strengthen and leverage initiatives that work with boys and men to promote gender just societies. Speaking to the team leader Regis Mtutu, ‘the mission particularly seeks to learn and exchange knowledge and skills to further strengthen contacts at all levels on the work on boys and men so as to enhance multilateral ties on gender work at a global level’.

The New Delhi six day exchange programme visit is supported by the Centre for Health and Social Justice which works at a global level to promote health rights, gender equality and towards the rights of the marginalised sections of the society. The organisation is also part of the Steering Committee of the Global MenEngage Alliance.

The first leg of the exchange took place in June, when a team of five Sonke staff members had the opportunity to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a similar week-long visit. The team had an exceptional experience, sharing information and experiences with Instituto Promundo staff and different stakeholders working with men in promoting gender equality.

In July, the South African leg of the visit explored the work of Sonke in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The visitors from Instituto Promundo Brazil and India were taken to see a number of Sonke’s projects and met a wide range of organisations working on gender issues, HIV and Aids. A dialogue was also arranged with traditional women’s rights organisations to speak about the role of organisations working with men and boys and opportunities for future collaboration.



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