Men against Constitutional Reforms that Penalize the Practice of Abortion

Cómplices por la Equidad / MenEngage Mexico

There are various ways of using violence against women, violating their most elementary human rights and perpetuating the men’s interferente in and domination of women’s right and ability to decide about their lives and bodies. The prohibition of abortion is one of these. The reactionary wave of modifications of local constitutions approved in this country to penalize abortion, under the dogmatic and fundamentalist veil of “protecting life from the moment of conception,” is proof of the unlimited, unfair violence against women through the legislative apparatus and the bases of a misogynistic conception of the state.

Those of us that agree with this statement consider that these reforms:

  • Promote the most rigid cultural and ideological practices of hegemonic gender mandates by imposing a system of beliefs and values based on retrograde notions that prioritize biological procreation over women’s freedom and life.
  • They reinforce indifference towards women through the argument that it is in their bodies rather than ours that the physiological process of reproduction is carried out.
  • They maintain and reinforce the presence of abortion as a public health problem, due to the deaths associated with its complications since it is practiced in unsafe conditions.

We express our deepest indignation and rejection of all these actions and forms of political behavior that harm and criminalize women. We hold that sexuality and reproduction are crucial in everyone’s lives and should be carried out within the framework of equity, justice, equality, democracy and freedom.

We hold that women should have access to safe, legal, quality services to interrupt a pregnancy on demand. We support the prevention of unwanted pregnancies as a responsibility we must assume as men who are critically committed to the creation of forms and conditions of life for a more pleasurable, risk-free practice. We specially urge the male population, both young and old, to protest these reforms and at the same time, to assume a reflexive, supportive position about the following questions:

As men, can you imagine what it feels like to be a woman without access to safe medical services, who has to hide, yet is forced to expose her body, risking her health, life and freedom?

Can you imagine what it feels like to be a woman who is singled out, mistreated, denounced or even imprisoned for having decided to interrupt a pregnancy?

If men experienced the physiological process of pregnancy in our bodies, abortion would undoubtedly be legal. It is time for men to free ourselves from the hegemonic mandates of gender that perpetuate inequity, violence and injustice. We acknowledge the fact that women–partners, sisters, friends, mothers, wives, daughters, aunts, nieces, girlfriends–that decide to terminate a pregnancy are persons with dignity and human rights, not criminals and that they have the right to decide about their bodies and their lives.

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Individual males:

  1. Fernando Zubieta
  2. Alexis Hernández
  3. Benno de Keijzer
  4. Gerardo Ayala
  5. Juan Guillermo Figueroa
  6. Abelardo Palma Molina
  7. Fernando Bolaños
  8. Mauro Antonio Vargas Uría
  9. Ignacio Lozano
  10. Francisco Eduardo Cervantes Islas
  11. Alexis Sorel
  12. José Ángel Aguilar Gil
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