MenEngage Alliance Advocacy/Activism email group (listserv)


As MenEngage Alliance seeks to continue building an interconnected advocacy strategy linking national, regional and global policy advocacy and activism efforts by its members, the decision to advance with the establishment of a dedicated Policy Advocacy/Activism Listserv was determined as strategic by the Global Advocacy Working Group. 

A key objective of the listserv will be to serve as a space for the linking and learning of a community of practice on advocacy to share resources, news, updates, and information on advocacy at all levels, to coordinate joint action, either in person or virtual for prioritized agenda items and engagements in policy spaces, as well as to facilitate the development of ad hoc groups to work on key policy and language development opportunities, rapid responses and the development of consensus positions on various advocacy updates as needed. This space may also serve to raise the Alliance’s capacity to monitor interconnected global, regional and national trends, challenges and opportunitiesthrough the simple sharing of information from its constituents, and as such – facilitating the opportunity for joint policy advocacy and activism, arising across various national, regional and global policy spaces and thematic priorities of the Alliance.  

Engagement by participants in this group will always remain voluntary. Any participant may unsubscribe from the listserv at any moment. All members are free to post as they find appropriate. 

Who should join the email group?

The Policy Advocacy/Activism Listserv will include representative from various of the Alliance’s working groups and constituencies, including:

●     Advocacy Working Group members

●     Change makers (SRHR For All project)

●     Activist/Advocates from the regions as identified by each regional focal point

●     MenEngage Alliance activists and advocates from all regions and thematic specializations

●     Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Learning Circle Advocates/Activists

●     Militarism and Masculinities Advocates/Activists

●     Youth Advocates

Objectives of the advocacy email group

●     To raise our capacity as an Alliance in monitoring complex interconnected trends across various policy levels and priority themes of the Alliance(UN, regional bodies, Women’s Rights advocacy coalitions at all levels, multilateralorganizations)

●     Bottom-up linking of our Alliance’s activism work to engagement with national, regional and global spaces

●     Sharing of opportunities to input into UN reports, including those of the Special Rapporteur, Working Groups, CEDAW, UPR Processes, Regional mechanism, etc

●     Provide a space for capacity building through sharing training materials, videos, manuals, virtual webinars opportunities on activism/advocacy

●     Joint development of our collective agenda for participating in key international policy forums (CSW, HRC, HLPF, etc)

●     Provide a platform upon which proposals for an Alliance-wide response to current events (rapid responses/statements/human rights & gender justice alerts) can be discussed and shared with the Alliance’s rapid response mechanism

●     Creation of ad hoc group to advance language and policy recommendations and engagement in processes, either virtual or in person

How to join the advocacy email group

Click here to request to join, or email info[at] requesting to join the Advocacy Listserv – please include information about your membership/affiliation with MenEngage Alliance and organization(s) you work with. We look forward to you joining us in our coordinated advocacy work.

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