MenEngage Alliance is looking for a Development Consultant

The consultant will work closely with the Co-Directors, Global Secretariat team and the Board, to develop and implement a robust “business development and fundraising/resource mobilization plan” for MenEngage Global Alliance. 

The consultant will support MenEngage Global Alliance to develop strategies and concrete plans for fundraising and resource mobilization, including:

  1. For the operationalization of the Global Strategic Plan of the Alliance; 
  2. The appropriate supportive role of MenEngage Global in resource mobilization and fundraising activities with the Alliance’s decentralized regional networks; 
  3. Strategies to coordinate fundraising and resource mobilization with relevant donor agencies, strategic partners such as UN agencies, civil society organizations including women’s rights organizations and activists, and other relevant actors and institutions;
  4. Strategic approaches to coalition and partnership building at the local, regional and global levels and ensure accountable practices in fundraising and resource mobilization of the Alliance, including strategic guidance on collaborative efforts with feminist women’s rights organizations and networks. 

See the full terms of reference here:

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