MenEngage Alliance is pleased to announce its new co-chair Bafana Khumalo

January 2020 – MenEngage Alliance Statement

We are pleased to announce Bafana Khumalo as the new co-chair of the Global Board. This appointment follows the Board’s difficult decision in June 2019 to terminate the membership of Dr Abhijit Das and the Centre for Health and Social Justice from the Global Board and the role of co-chair. This followed Dr. Das’ temporary recusal from the board in December of 2018 due to reports of misconduct.

Bafana Khumalo, who has been involved in MenEngage Alliance since its founding in 2007, has decades of experience working on issues related to gender equality. With a long and accomplished track record in the NGO sector, Bafana is a well known figure in the field of women’s rights, gender equality and transforming masculinities, including SRHR for all, HIV prevention and gender based violence.

In his new role, Bafana will work alongside existing co-chair, Humberto Carolo from White Ribbon Canada in providing institutional and political leadership to the Alliance. The two co-chairs will support the Global Board of MenEngage Alliance – which consists of representatives from the regional networks and At-Large Board Members – and work closely with the Global Secretariat towards the shared vision, mission and overall strategic direction of the Alliance.

Read more about the challenges, hopes and aspirations of Bafana, Humberto, and Joni van de Sand, Director of MenEngage Alliance Global Secretariat, in their joint message here.

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