MenEngage Call for Nominations for New Board Members

Call for Nominations:

Candidates for the Governing Board of the Global MenEngage Alliance

MenEngage is currently looking for a maximum of three new members to join our global Governing Board. MenEngage’s Board members support the alliance in meeting its goals and represent the values, principles, commitments and expertise of the alliance. The Board includes one designated representative per regional steering committee, and representatives of at-large civil society member organizations working internationally in the fields of gender justice, women’s rights, SRHR, HIV/Aids, children, youth, GBV/VAW, fatherhood & caregiving, peacebuilding, etc. We are currently looking for representatives of at-large organizations with leadership skills in the areas of governance, human resources, network building, finance and fundraising, public relations, advocacy, and/or communications. The alliance is committed to ensuring significant representation of key constituencies and program approaches on the Board, including women’s, LGBTQI and youth rights organizations. We in particular encourage representatives from those and other social justice organizations to apply.


Becoming a MenEngage Board member can strengthen:
– Your individual leadership skills and visibility of your organization;
– Individual and organization’s knowledge of and contributions to gender justice and human rights, including through engaging men and boys;
– Individual and organizational network, with a large spectrum of inspiring organizations and leaders working at all levels.


The MenEngage global Board governs the global alliance and is responsible for overall policy and strategic direction of the alliance. The Board delegates responsibility of day-to-day operations to the Coordinator and staff of the Global Secretariat. The Board acts as a unit, with all decisions voted on by the Board. The work of the Board is conducted through committees chaired by Board members.

Candidates should:

– Be committed to the aims of the MenEngage alliance;
– Be willing to devote the necessary time and effort to the duties of a Board member voluntarily;
– Know the MenEngage Alliance’s mission, purpose, strategic goals and plans, polices, programs, budgets, strengths and needs;
– Prepare for, attend and actively participate in up to 2 in-person meetings per year and 4-5 conference calls per year;
– Serve in leadership positions and participate actively in at least one committee and/or working group;
– Support the Global Secretariat in its execution of the work when needed/as appropriate, including responding actively to requests by the GS;
– Support with generating revenue for the Alliance;
– Follow trends in the MenEngage Alliance’s field of interest;
– Represent and speak on behalf of the Board when asked to do so;
– Be ambassadors for the MenEngage Alliance in your professional and private life;
– Maintain open and honest communication with Board members, and be proactive in resolving conflicts with other members;
– Suggest nominees for new Board members;
– Be willing to serve a three-year term. You can be eligible for re-election for up to two consecutive terms. At the completion of two terms, Board members (regional and at-large) rotate off and are eligible to run again after a two-year absence from the Board.


The evaluation criteria used by the established Board to select new Board members include:
– Familiarity with issues of gender equality, women’s and girls’ rights and empowerment, engaging men and boys, and related issues;
– Engaged in work at international level, ideally through an international-level operating organization;
– An existing professional network with which to expand the scope of MenEngage supporters, partners and potential funders;
– Experience and education enabling effective contributions to development and implementation of a comprehensive organizational strategic plan;
– Interest and ability to represent MenEngage and effectively communicate our advocacy messages in national, regional and global contexts;
– Adherence to MenEngage’s Guiding Principles.


Interested candidates must submit a motivation letter and CV to the MenEngage Global Secretariat at Board nominations will be open until March 29, 2015. Upon registration applicants will receive a package with more detailed information. Potential candidates and nominees will be vetted by the established board, which will review the nominations and make recommendations within a two month period.

About MenEngage

MenEngage is a global alliance of organizations working together with men and boys to achieve gender equality. The alliance is currently made up of six regional networks and 34 country networks across the world, hundreds of non-governmental organizations, as well as UN partners. MenEngage members work collectively and individually toward achieving gender justice, human rights and social justice, to achieve a world in which all can enjoy healthy, fulfilling and equitable relationships and their full potential. We honor the pioneering work and on-going leadership of women’s rights organizations and stand in solidarity with the on-going struggles for women’s empowerment and rights. We seek to positively engage men and boys in gender transformation, are dedicated to promoting cultures of masculinity that respect sexual diversity, apply a human rights perspective and lifecycle approach.


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