MenEngage supports Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice

climate call editedNovember 28, 2015


Something big will happen this Sunday and we can help to make it even bigger!

This Sunday, November 29, people will hit the streets for the biggest climate march in history (#globalclimatemarch) in more than 170 countries worldwide, to give pressure to the political leaders going to Paris for the UN COP21 international climate summit. Starting on Monday November 30, the political leaders will have two weeks of intensive negotiations with the aim to reach a climate agreement. But several of them have said that they will not be able to push for a responsible climate agreement that can stop global warming and give climate justice, unless people mobilize in the streets and put the necessary pressure on politicians (see i.e. the film here, where Barack Obama refers to the people’s climate marches last year).

Everything we love is at risk. But on Sunday we can demand and push for Climate Justice.

MenEngage is supporting the Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice ( demanding the following from COP21:

  • System change not climate change (i.e. a transformation of the root causes of climate change and related injustices);
  • Avoiding a 1.5 degree Celsius global temperature rise (which at present seems inevitable);
  • Ensuring gender equality and human rights in all climate actions;
  • Keeping oil and fossil fuels in the ground;
  • Transitioning to 100% safe and renewable energy;
  • Implementing energy efficiency and conservation measures everywhere, by everyone;
  • Dramatic and urgent reduction in production and consumption patterns by everyone, including and especially by those who have contributed the most to this problem from the developed world;
  • Commitment by developed countries to take the lead in the fight to address the climate crisis and to provide developing countries with the means to mitigate and adapt to climate change, in a spirit of solidarity and justice.

Avaaz who coordinate the November 29 Global Climate March writes: “Throughout time, marches have changed the course of history — Martin Luther King’s March on Washington set the stage for an end to racial segregation. Gandhi’s Salt March showed Britain the colonial days were over. Now, this global march could be the march of our time to ensure the survival of our entire species.”

So, let’s make this as big as we can. Go to  and find an event near you or create an own and spread the link to everyone.

This weekend, hundreds of thousands of us will speak together in one voice, in a giant coordinated bid for Climate Justice and our own survival. This is our chance to secure our future and set a powerful precedent for people power over the dirty politics that could doom us. If we succeed — and we must — we’ll have taken a giant leap towards the world we all want.

See you in the streets on Sunday.



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