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Namibia lies on the West Coast of Africa, sharing its southern border with South Africa and its northern border with Angola and Zambia. It gained independence from South Africa on 21 March 1990. Namibia has a stable multi-party democracy and approximately 2.1 million residents.

MenEngage Namibia

Lifeline/Childline Namibia co-ordinates the Namibia MenEngage Network country activities .This includes holding consultative meetings with individuals and organizations to build a fully functioning MenEngage country network in Namibia.

Currently, Childline/Lifeline is in the process of establishing a strong country network with seeks to take forward work with men and boys for gender equality and the prevention of gender0based violence, the spread and mitigation of HIV and AIDS in Namibia.

Lifeline/Childline Namibia works across the county to improve the safety, health and resilience of children, families and communities in Namibia.  The organisation provides the following: counselling services; programmes and training which address behaviour change, efficacy and gender equity relating to health, safety and resilience; HIV prevention; child protection and advocacy for zero tolerance of abuse against children and gender-based violence.  It has a key focus on male engagement work. 

Lifeline/Childline Namibia is recognised as the main counselling and emotional wellness training provider in Namibia.  The organisation has an experienced and committed Executive Board, 70 full time staff and 72 volunteers.  It is affiliated to, and is an active member of, Child HelpLine International and LifeLine Southern Africa. 

Contact Person

James Itana

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