National Conclave for Working with Men & Boys for Gender Equality

Click here for a PDF of the report: Report of National Conclave on Working with Men & Boys for Gender Equality Dec 4-5, 2015 New Delhi

A National Conclave and Stakeholder Consultation on Working with Men and Boys for Gender Equality was organised in New Delhi on December 4-5, 2015 to review the current practice in India and to distill key lessons from the last 10 years about the relevance of such work in the context of current development challenges in the country. Groups around the country engaged in such work shared key lessons with other practitioners. The conclave was organised by SUTRA, SAMYAK and CHSJ.

The review examined, among other things, the shift in attitude of women’s groups, the change in strategies of social engagement, issues of sustainability and of scale versus depth, need to build intersectionality and new solidarities in the work with men and challenges in working with donors and governments.

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