BURUNDI MENENGAGE NETWORK aims to promote gender equality through active non violence and peacebuilding attitudes in Burundi. The network uses fact-based approaches for an inclusive advocacy and capacity building and forges synergies in order to fight against holistic gender discrimination and gender inequality.

BMEN membership includes community based organizations as well as NGOs acting from a national perspective. BMEN builds strategic partnerships with government departments and individuals working with boys and men in HIV and AIDS, gender based violence (GBV) and sexual reproductive health rights. The Network has an established secretariat and a steering committee. The latter is responsible for the management of the Network. The steering committee membership is made up of the following organizations: Fountain-ISOKO, SPPDF, GLID, ABATANGAMUCO, APFB.

Global Objective:

BURUNDI MENENGAGE NETWORK aims to support men and boys who are committed to fight against gender based violence, to contribute to women’s empowerment and promote gender equality in Burundi.

Specific Objectives:

– Combat against SGBV
– Conduct fact-based research in order to document the interventions, gaps and strategies
– Increase the awareness of men on their role in ending SGBV
– Promote healthy reproductive practices
– Involve men and boys in anti HIV-AIDS programs


– In partnership with CARE, BMEN has elaborated the National Strategic Plan 2013-2017 to engage men and boys in gender equality
– BMEN NGOs have facilitated workshops and community-based initiatives to build awareness on the MenEngage approach
– Establishment of a functional National Steering Committee
– Media campaign on MenEngage approach in preventing SGBV and HIV
– Regular training workshops with men and boys for the promotion of gender equality, and the prevention and mitigation of HIV and AIDS
– Holding of consultative meetings with various key partners including relevant ministries, PROMUNDO, CARE, UNFPA
– Participated in the recent Annual Regional MenEngage Planning Meeting 25-27November 2013 Park Inn Hotel, Sandton in Johannesburg

For its sustainability and credibility, Burundi MenEngage Network is registered by the Burundian Government as a Non Profit NGO.
(Photo: UN Photo)


MenEngage Africa Training Institute

Cape Town, South Africa

Sep 16 2013 - Sep 26 2013

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