MenEngage Alliance Network-building toolkit

This toolkit aims to provide guidance on the steps and processes involved in setting up a network
that collectively works towards transforming masculinities and engaging men and boys in gender
equality. The primary objective of this toolkit is to support network formation and development
processes, and build a strong foundation from which to meaningfully and accountably implement
strategies to transform masculinities and engage men and boys, including programs, campaigns,
communication and advocacy. The toolkit outlines the key roles of country networks and steps
for setting up functional networks, that may or may not wish to be affiliated with the MenEngage
Global Alliance.

This toolkit is developed keeping in mind the civil society organizations and NGOs (as well as UN
agencies and donor agencies) that are interested on gender transformative approaches to
engage men and boys for gender equality and are rooted in feminist principles and/or considering
joining or associating with MenEngage Alliance. However, this is also useful for others interested
in developing or strengthening collective actions to advance women’s rights and gender justice.

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