Ankur Samanteche (Germinating for Equality)

SAMYAK recently co-published a workbook titled “Ankur Samanteche” in Marathi along with Centre for Health and Social Justice (CHSJ), New Delhi. This workbook consist of 13 pretested activities with visual images. These workbook takes children through range of activities that gives messages regarding gender socialisation, gender-based discrimination agianst gilrs in areas of schooling, nutrition, domestic work, abuse etc. This book also takes children through a brief reading about great women in India and abroad. It also reads brief stories of men in history who contributed towards women’s empowerment. The workbook also talks about ‘men’s responsibity’ in promotion of gender equality. The workbook (originally developed by Kriti Resource Centre of SAHAYOG, Lucknow (INDIA) in Hindi was translated and adapted to contexualised to Maharashtra) was pre-tested in urban and rural settings.

Author: Ankur Samanteche

Institutional Sponsors: Center for Health and Social Justice and SAMYAK

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