Base line survey on Gender Based Violence in Rwanda

The objective of this study is to provide reliable quantitative and qualitative information that would enable UNIFEM and her partners to develop strategies and interventions aimed at fighting against Gender-based Violence inRwanda. At the global level, studies have demonstrated that gender-based violence is perpetrated by husbands or male partners and that these husbands/partners or former partners force between 12% and 25% of women to have sexual intercourse with them (WHO 2002). These incidents are still being reported in spite of the fact that the United Nations General Assembly voted against this in 1979, the existence of the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women that makes reference to the inalienable rights of women. This research seeks not only to measure the frequency of incidents of sexual gender-based violence experienced by women in Rwanda in their various life situations, but also to analyse the perceptions that the…

Institutional Sponsor: UNIFEM

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