“How can you be a marda if you beat your wife?” : Notions of masculinities and violence in Eastern Nepal

Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) remains one of the biggest safety and security challenges in Nepal. Many programmes and policies seeking to reduce and prevent SGBV focus on the needs and rights of girls and women. However, there is a very limited understanding of the role of masculinities in the contexts, and whether and how they link to violence, particularly SGBV.

Saferworld, in collaboration with The Society Touch and Youth Development Centre, with funding from the Foundation to Promote Open Society, has carried out participatory learning research in selected districts in Eastern Nepal, exploring notions of masculinities among young men and boys, how these notions shape their relationships towards others, and young men’s experiences and attitudes towards violence, including SGBV.

Author: Matthew Maycock, Jeevan Sharma, Julie Brethfeld, Ojaswi Shah, and Ramesh Shrestha

Publisher: Saferworld

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