Compiling language in global and regional normative frameworks on work with men and boys for gender justice

The aim of these documents is to facilitate the work of MenEngage Alliance members and activists by providing them with advocacy tools that compile the content of critical policy frameworks within international and regional- UN and Human Rights resolutions, conventions and outcome documents. It maps the contents of these normative frameworks for language focusing on men and masculinities, social norms change, and dismantling patriarchy specifically.

We have been compiling this information over the last several years, focusing on central international and regional human rights, development and gender justice normative frameworks. In doing so, we are observing changes in language towards a more nuanced frame on work with men and boys, moving from merely stating the need to engage them as a constituency, to a more political intersectional feminist framework, which addresses as a central objective, the goal to dismantle patriarchal social norms and gendered power dynamics and how men and boys, and transforming patriarchal masculinities – support or impede this process.

This includes articulating the various roles and responsibilities that men and boys have towards gender justice, and increasingly nuancing the ‘how’ of their contributions and accountability towards the realization of women’s rights, LGBTIQ rights and gender justice for all.

This has been the product of working through accountable advocacy practices to ongoingly connect with and respond to, the concerns of feminist advocates, who seek to have the work on men and masculinities contribute to political intersectional feminist agendas which centralize a gendered power analysis as the basis for their advocacy efforts. As well, for advocates who contribute expertise on men and masculinities, to carry out this work in responsible and accountable ways in the policy space, which has been a key foundational principle for our conceptualization of what we have come to term – accountable advocacy.

This series of documents include key texts from relevant international normative frameworks related to the work and engagement of men and boys. The content of the following documents gathers extracts from official documents from global and regional resolutions and key treaties.

Mapped instruments include:

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Who will find this resource useful?

These language mappings are useful for activists, advocates, researchers, and policy makers. They provide key policy wording on engaging men and boys, and masculinities in relation to gender justice efforts.

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About the authors

These documents have been compiled by the Global Secretariat of MenEngage Alliance. They were selected from the official texts established in international conventions and resolutions issued by regional and global bodies.

28 June 2022
First published
28 June 2022