Faith communities working in youth HIV prevention

Whilst many youth attend churches, faith leaders often do not address issues related to sexuality. Church groups have taken a leadership role in helping HIV orphans, but few have worked as vigorously with youth regarding prevention of HIV and pregnancy. This handbook seeks to encourage open discussion about sexuality, reproductive health, and HIV in the context of faith communities. It provides accurate public health information on sensitive issues in the context of faith values. The tool provides factual information related to topics and typical questions and answers that will be helpful to youth, along with Bible verses as a context to frame discussions in a Christian context. It is intended to be adapted as appropriate to a local environment, cultural context, and specific needs of adults working with youth. The authors tackle issues including sexually transmitted diseases, drugs and alcohol, preparing for a baby and counselling and testing.

Institutional Sponsors: USAID, Family Health International, Interagency Youth Working Group

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