Who makes the news?

Since 1995 the Global Media Monitoring Project has been documenting the deep denial of women’s voices in the world’s news media. The project has its roots in one of the central and enduring preoccupations of the women’s movement world-wide: the politics of representation. For decades, feminist scholars and activists have focused attention on the cultural dimensions of power, and the media’s role in reproducing particular patterns of gender inequality. However, until the advent of the GMMP there was no comprehensive global overview capable of charting the systematic nature of women’s exclusion in the news media. Perhaps one of the most startling results to emerge from the first study in 1995 was the homogeneity of the findings, not just across the three media (newspapers, television, radio), but across the 71 countries included. In no medium, region or news topic did the female-male ratio approach parity. Women’s visibility in the news was extremely and uniformly low.

Institutional Sponsors: Global Media Monitoring Project, UNIFEM, and WACC

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