Male attitudes to HIV-AIDS and health issues in South Africa

This document provides a literature review on men, gender and HIV and AIDS in South Africa. The authors argue that the question then is not whether men can change, but rather whether policies and programs accelerate and influence that change. The documents covers issues including multiple partners, treatment uptake, maternal health, family planning and men in prisons. The authors then consider other health issues aside from HIV and AIDS. Issues surrounding violence against women but also including violence against other men are raised in addition to alcohol, chronic disease, tobacco use and fatherhood. The authors conclude that although much good work has been done to engage men in efforts to reduce gender inequality, most programmes have been small in scale and had limited sustainability.

Authors: Dean Peacock, Jean Redpath, Mark Weston, Kieran Evans, Andrew Daub and Alan Greig

Institutional Sponsors: Sonke Gender Justice Network. USAID, One Man Can, Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa

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