What Men Have to Do with It: Public Policies to Promote Gender Equality

How can public policies more adequately engage men and boys in achieving gender equality and reducing gender disparities in health and social welfare? How can underlying social norms and institutions be changed to support men in becoming more gender-equitable on a large scale? A growing number of program experiences with men and boys worldwide confirm that programs can influence men’s attitudes and behaviors in gender-equitable ways.

Authors: Gary Barker, Margaret E. Greene, Eve Goldstein Siegel, Marcos Nascimento, Márcio Segundo, Christine Ricardo, Juan Guillermo Figueroa, Jean Redpath, Robert Morrell, Rachel Jewkes, Dean Peacock, Francisco Aguayo, Michelle Sadler, Abhijit Das, Satish Kumar Singh, Anand Pawar, and Peter Pawlak

Institutional Sponsors: ICRW and Promundo

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