MenEngage Africa Capacity Assessment

Sonke Gender Justice Network, on behalf of MenEngage Africa provides technical support to, and builds the capacity of the MenEngage partners and country networks within Sub-Saharan Africa particularly those receiving sub-grants to implement the UN Trust Fund, Oak Foundation and Sida Zambia-funded activities.  In order to inform this work, Sonke developed an Organizational Capacity Assessment audit tool (OCA).

This tool determined organisations’ capacity needs, existing skills and key priority programme/thematic areas for technical support, and capacity building among the MenEngage Africa networks and partner organisations. The Organisational Capacity Assessment Audit tool informs the Capacity Building Training programme which brings partner organisations together to build their capacity on the knowledge and skills gaps identified in the OCA, and agree on strategies for more effective programme implementation and monitoring and evaluation.  The OCA was circulated to the coordinators of eight country networks for their completion: LifeLine/Childline, Namibia; Mama’s Club, Uganda; Congo Men’s Network, DRC; Zambia National Women’s Lobby, Zambia; Men’s Association for Gender Equality, Sierra Leone; MenKen, Kenya; Forum Mulher/HOPEM, Mozambique; and Rwanda Men’s Resource Center (RWAMREC).

This tool was designed to give Sonke, as a grant manager on behalf of the MenEngage Africa network, a comprehensive analysis of the programme management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting needs of the organisation’s partners who were going to participate in the sub-agreement processes.

Down the PDF of the entire assessment below.

Author: Nkonzo J. Khanyile

Institutional Sponsors: Sonke Gender Justice and MenEngage Africa

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