MenEngage Alliance Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Through this Strategic Plan, MenEngage Alliance is seeking to garner and better understand the political, economic, social and technological forces and factors that are confronting the world today, and therefore shape the contexts in which the work on transforming patriarchal masculinities and engaging men and boys for gender and social justice takes place. In the context analysis that follows, these forces and factors are briefly sketched, and their potential implications for the work of the Alliance discussed. It is intended to spark a critical reflection on the state of the world, the field, and our own work.

In doing so, we are not seeking to present all the answers of what needs to be done to address the significant problems that the world is facing. Rather, what the context analysis seeks to do is present the need for the work on transforming masculinities and engaging men and boys to be further sharpened and politicized, keeping the Alliance’s mission and vision in mind as we seek to contribute to ending patriarchal power, protecting human rights and achieving gender equality and social justice. The context analysis, intervention logic and program for the coming years, intend to steer MenEngage Alliance in the direction of systems change and transformation of patriarchy as the end goal outlined by the feminist movements who we consider ourselves and this work accountable to.

Like almost everything we do, it is difficult to articulate issues of patriarchy, colonizing/decolonizing, social norms change and power. We recognize that these issues are not external to us, we are part of them. While it is challenging, since we have set ourselves to address these issues, we have to try and sit with
them, discuss them, and seek answers to them.

With this in mind, we have developed this Strategic Plan and proposal to Sida that builds on MenEngage Alliance’s previous strategic plans and learnings. These draw on the voices and expertise of the Alliance’s membership and partners, including women’s rights and social justice activists and organizations, and the Alliance’s ambitious political agenda chartered by our mission and vision. It is furthermore informed by the lessons from the international normative frameworks on the agenda of women’s rights, gender equality, LGBTIQA+ rights and social justice, including that of the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other global policy frameworks that support the realization of women’s rights and gender justice within the broader context of social, economic and environmental justice and human rights.

The Strategic Plan consists of 3 sections:

● Section 1 – Presents the Background and Context analysis to the Strategic Plan. It includes a
selected analysis of the political, economic, social, technological and operational contexts that are
confronting the world today, and their potential implications for the work of the Alliance. This
section also includes a summary of the Evaluation findings and MenEngage’s response; and
Implications for the next phase.

● Section 2 – The Intervention Logic, brings together our Vision, Mission and Guiding Commitments;
with the Rationale for Alliance building and MenEngage’s structure. It presents a summary of our
Theory of Change – including what has to be changed (patriarchal masculinities and power), who
are the agents of change (including diverse men and boys) and how we seek to achieve change. It
summarizes our Strategies for Change as: Link, Learn, Improve, and Influence.

● Section 3 – The Program for 2021-24, describes the goals, 4 Result Areas, strategies, and aspired
outcomes and outputs of the MenEngage Global Alliance for the period 2021-24.

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