MenEngage Code of Conduct

MenEngage designed a Code of Conduct to be used as a guiding document for our regions. This instrument is meant to be used to help members remain consistent with the values and principles  of the Alliance, both in their personal lives and in our professional and public work. 

This document is an effort to ensure a standard of accountability of all member organisations to others with whom we work, as well as an adherence of individual employees and volunteers of member organisations to the core principles of MenEngage.

In summary, the 8 articles of the Conduct of Conduct states the following:

1. Create peaceful and equal work environments

2. Promote gender equality in personal lives

3. Challenge discrimination against others

4. Be violence free

5. In our activities, prioritize safety (esp. children and other marginalized groups);

6. Avoid conflict of interests (best interest of the network’s mission);

7. Hold one another accountable;

8. Ensure transparency and honesty (e.g. funding)

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